Past Exhibition

Cre8ery – Random 18×18

2nd floor – 125 Adelaide Street – Winnipeg, MB
Jan 2015

Manitoba Art Expo

Assiniboia Downs – Winnipeg, MB
Oct 24-26, 2014

Nathan Regalado was born and raised in Philippines, now living and working in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

Nathan is an emerging fine artist specialized in classical figure painting. He’s a current member of the Assiniboia Group of Artists Cooperative and recently exhibited his work at Manitoba Art Expo. Most of his paintings were based from Greek/Roman mythology to religious & biblical events. He also paints portraiture & genre painting.

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  • Oil on canvas/linen
  • Oil on panel
  • Drawing on paper (Graphite, Pierre Noire, Sanguine, Silverpoint)



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